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How big are your units?

Boxb. shipping container kitchens are surprisingly spacious! Our units are 20ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft high, Equating to around 160 square feet of commercial kitchen space. Enough room to have someone working at each station!

What makes Boxb. favourable over other ‘Dark Kitchens’?

With Boxb. you are not required to sign lengthy contracts or leases. Our low exposure agreements of a 4 month minimum term allows you to kick start your operation without fear of long term commitment.
We also don’t take any form of commission regarding your operation!

Hygiene & Rating?

All Boxb. kitchens are fitted out with cleanliness and hygiene in mind! 

All of our units have achieved nothing less than a 5* rating from the local authority and the FSA (Food Standards Agency).

All of our kitchens come equipped as standard with commercial grade stainless canopy & surrounds, prep surfaces and wall shelving, wipeable and durable MFC walls & Ceilings, Capped & Coved hygienic flooring so there aren't those hard to reach areas.

Are shipping containers safe?

Our Dark Kitchens are very secure! Aswell as being a robust container designed to endure the rough seas, our units utilise steel security doors with a multi-point locking system, so you can be assured your business is safe & secure.

How do I book a viewing and find out more?

If you are interested in the prospect of operating via a Boxb. Dark Kitchen. Please leave us a message giving a little bit of information about yourself and what your needs might be. We would love to hear from you!

Opening hours?

At Boxb., you have 24hr access to your unit. Allowing you to set your own working hours without any restrictions or fuss. And it includes parking!

What else can your space be used for?

Due to their purposeful and simple design, Boxb. Dark Kitchens have been utilised in a multitude of ways. 

We accommodate businesses and operations that require a space as a Prep Kitchen, from supplying restaurants, Market traders, Private events, Bakeries, wholesalers and shops.

Our spaces can be used for private cooking schools, kitchen vlogging studios for content creators. We even have a unit that has been modified to produce artisanal wines. The possibilities!


Different operations require different needs, so Utilities & commercial waste are not included within the rental. However, all units have supply of Electricity & Water, the rates of which are dependent on site 


We are based in the beautiful city of Bristol! We have two sites in operation with more sites planned in the future. Bristol City Center (Old Market/St Judes) & North Bristol (Lockleaze/Filton).

Click here for more information on our Bristol locations.

Are there any hidden fees/commissions?

We pride ourselves on being upfront and transparent with what we offer. No hidden fees, no commission - all you have to worry about is your business & getting your food out to hungry customers.

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