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dark kitchens.


we are boxb.

Our journey began when the first shipping container touched down in central Bristol in the Summer of 2020. 

With a mission to assist small businesses that were heavily affected with the impact of the pandemic, we have grown to two sites with plans for more in the near future.


Our dark kitchens have aided multiple businesses in growing a loyal customer base, establishing their brands within the city and further afield. We’ve also assisted well rooted businesses and seen them thrive in new parts of the city.


Boxb. Units provide fully equipped rentable kitchen spaces, allowing your business to grow without financial worry or long-term commitment. 

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what is a dark kitchen?

Also known as Ghost, Cloud, Virtual or even simply ‘Delivery Only’ kitchens, Dark Kitchens are rentable kitchen spaces that are the fastest growing sector in the hospitality industry.


With very low overheads for the user, they have become the most convenient and economical way for food/catering start-ups to establish themselves.


Delivery only kitchens are a great alternative to the traditional ‘Brick & Mortar’ restaurant premises for a multitude of reasons including:


  • Lower start-up and running costs.

  • Super-fast setup time. 

  • Swift scalability and growth.

  • Brands can easily arrange multiple food orders collected from their kitchens and taken directly to your customers front doors, effortlessly.

what's inside?

Our fully converted shipping container units are a ‘Ready To Go’ commercial kitchen, equipped with a six-Burner range, 2 metre wide gas interlocked canopy, commercial fridge and freezer, pot wash / rinse, hand wash station and stainless-steel prep tables.  Our modular Dark Kitchens can also be easily customised to meet your individual needs.

short term contracts.

kitchens optimised for delivery and prep.

low costs. higher profits.

Launching with BOXB. eliminates the expense on costly fit-outs and front of house labour costs. 

built for delivery.

Boxb. kitchens are designed for speed and efficiency, helping orders reach your customers as quickly as possible. Smooth and easy access for delivery staff to be able to get to and from you promptly.

quick and easy to launch

If this is your first kitchen or your fortieth site. From initial enquiries to your first order, get your business off the ground in a matter of weeks.

no long leases.

At Boxb. we offer transparent contracts of 4 months, with no hidden fees or commission on your orders. Our main priority has always been to keep things simple and efficient for everyone we work with. 


why boxb?

No memberships, No commission, No long-term contracts & No fuss!


Boxb. offers a simple solution to getting your business set up and trading in no time at all.


Whether you’re taking the first few steps on your journey to building a brand or you’re an established business with your fortieth site wanting a new and exciting space to trade, we’re designed to get you up and running.


We have simple terms to help limit the start-up capital required. 

Long leases are a thing of the past, we will not tie you into a lengthy contract so your financial exposure is low. Our flexible agreements give you the freedom to forge ahead with a successful business.

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